Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bliss socks

Bliss socks are made using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and 2.75mm needles.
The stitch pattern is from one of the tragic 60s or 70s pattern books I have floating around and no doubt there are probably plenty of socks out there with this pattern.

This isn't a pattern as such as it requires basic knowledge of what and where you do things with socks.
As for the finished socks, they can survive the machine and drier, although I've noticed a bit of pilling but I do wear them in floppy birks so they rub around a lot.

My feet are nice little chubby 9inch circ and 9inch long and these are fairly snug, as you can see by the purls pulling out.
I'll edit to add an unstretched circ after I've washed them again.

1: P1, k7, p1
2: p1, k1, k2tg, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1 p1
3: p1, k7, p1
4: p1, k2tg, yo, k3, yo, ssk, p

on 54 stitches, join, and do some ribbing (i did about 2.5cm) then do
10 pattern repeats, finishing with a row 4 and divide for the heel.

27 stitches will be held for the instep to keep the pattern going along the foot.

For the heel purl back along 27, decreasing one stitch so that you have 26 stitches for the heel.
Do a trench heel.
Work heel for about 5 or 5.5cm, which ever you need then turn:

sl1, k14, ssk, k1
sl1, p5, p2tg, p1

continue, working the decreases across the gap until 16 heel stitches are left.

Pick up 15 on each side of the heel flap, working the instep stitches in pattern (this should be a row 1).

at the instep on every second row, which works out to be a patterned
row, until there are 13 stitches left on each side or 26 in total on
the heel with 27 on the foot.
Continue until foot measures 2.5cm
less than needed then ignore the pattern rows and do straight stocking
stitch, decreasing on every second row.
Continue until 8 stitches left then graft.
Put them on and dance and sing.

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cute socks!